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Aircraft appraisals and market analysis of civil jets and turboprops - publishers of The Aircraft Value Reference and Aircraft Value Journal.
Provides Internet powered software solutions for estate agents and commercial agents. Also offers established development appraisal software.
Provides horological services including repair, restoration, and appraisal, as well as sales of clocks and watches.
Provides rotor blade repair that includes engineering appraisals, replacement of leading edge abrasion strips, composite repairs and more.
Home Valuations Automated Valuation Model House Value Homes Appraisals Appraisers Appraiser, AVM, AVMs.
Specialises in surveying and valuing domestic, commercial, and telecommunications properties.
Specialists in decision conferencing, options appraisal, stakeholder involvement, best value decision making, and value management.
Provides online credit reports, appraisals, ownwership, management, legal status, and history reports for major and emerging world markets.
Appraisers, cyber, real estate appraisers, appraisals, GA, Georgia
Offers human resources (HR) and personnel services to the IT industry, specialising in outplacement, training, appraisal, recruitment, management development, and employment law solutions.
Specializes in tailored training solutions including management training, employee courses, performance appraisals training, and personal development skills workshops.
Sells a subscription to a newsletter guide on buying properties at auctions.
Offers an independent assessment of the effectiveness of web sites including traffic, hosting, design, and search engine optimization.