Tips for Finding a Vacation Rental in London

In order to find a vacation rental in London, the following are the things you need to consider before you rent:

Have a phone call

The first thing you want to do even before looking at the apartments available is to contact a few companies by phone. But before you do this if their phone number begins with 07 or 0871 or 09 do not call it. These are premium phone numbers and if you call them your phone call will turn out to be very expensive. If the company doesn’t have a phone number at all and you can only contact them by email. Cross them off your list. The same thing applies to their postal address; if they haven’t got one forget about them.

Check the apartment location

Only once you’ve contacted the company and you feel they are genuine, start to look at their apartments. When you see one that you like ask them for the full postcode of the apartment. Once you have that you can check its exact location and see how far it is from public transport. Google maps is your best option for this.

Some questions to ask

A reputable company will have a good FAQ section because with vacation rentals there are so many things that you have to know. If they don’t have such a section here are a few of the things you need to know answers to:

– The most important question is, what is the total price and are there any additional fees?
– Is there a cancellation fee?
– What facilities are in the apartment?
– Is there maid service or a reception/security desk or a local contact?
– Are there instructions for using all the appliances?
– If there is an emergency in the apartment is there a help line to contact?
– How much do telephone calls cost from the apartment if you have to use the phone?
– Is heating included in the cost? Note: if it’s not, don’t go with this company.
– How far is the nearest supermarket, ask specifically for one of the main supermarkets? The supermarkets in London are Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda and Marks and Spencer.

Make sure you read all the terms especially concerning if the apartment becomes unavailable and you have to have a replacement apartment. Find out before you book where the replacement would be.

How to pay

You should try to only pay by credit card; other forms of payment will not necessarily give you any protection if things go wrong. Never pay everything up front regardless of how good the apartment seems.